Best Sugarcane Loader JG90Z

Key Feature

  • 360-degree loading both the grabber and arm
  • Loading capacity around 100Ton per day
  • Fuel consumption 20 liters per day
  • Travel anywhere without the trailer more than 30km
  • Powerful 50kW engine and deadweight around 7Ton
  • Super-comfortable cabin and the elevated cabin as option
  • Easy access for maintenance and spare parts stock locally
  • Professional local training and life cycle after services available
  • Equipped with a standard bucket or other engineering usages
  • Long lifecycle service more than 6 years

Working Demo in the Philippine Sugarcane Farm

Photos Album

Sugarcane Loader JG90Z testimonial by end user

Working as excavators while off harvest season

About Manufacturer JingGong Machinery

JingGong Machinery is a China based factory founded in 1997, professionally manufacturing compact wheel and crawler excavator, railway maintenance machine, grappler excavator, sugarcane harvester and loader, log transport carrier and other special purpose excavators. Currently JingGong yearly output over 3000units excavators all over the world. Fore more details please visit the official site:

JingGong Machinery Strengths

1. Mature technical with twenty years professional production on excavators;

2. Multifunction devices option, buy one JG excavator could be used lots of engineering.

3. Reasonable price and super performance return the machine invest within 1-2 years;

4. Strict quality control and continuous innovation make your machine work reliable over lifecycle.


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